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let's see if this works ... there should be a picture of a green goblet/chalice here if I've done it right.  I've previewed this first before posting - massive apologies for the big image, I'll get there in the end.

ANYWAY, the whole point of this thread is to see if anyone can identify it for me - my first reaction was that this was Scandinavian - possibly by Helena Tynell - but I'm not certain.  Thanks everyone in advance.

Thank you for the welcome Christine.  I've been watching the postings on here for quite a while but hadn't joined until now.  Some of my Chance glass images were used in the project to catalogue Fiestaware, that's what brought me here.  Sorry again about the ENORMO image above, I'll reduce my pics down before doing this again - at least it worked though.  Any ideas on this goblet?

I'll bite.

To me this is a footed votive (flat bottom, windows) which was originally blown in a iron strip with punched out holes. The strip was susceptible to rust and was removed - and the resulting goblet is quite an interesting design.

I have here a similar item in two parts; the stem is wrought iron and the top half is in ruby red, with strip intact  I also have a set of 6 shot glasses in cobalt blue blown into a rusting punched strip, and a tall vase. I also remember these items from ill lit restaurants back in the 80ies, especially the ones doing spare ribs.  

I have no idea who made these glasses, but the cast iron parts and overall workmanship looks very Spanish. Of course it depends on the finish of the glass if the above is true or not....

Thank you for that Ivo - how interesting, it being Spanish is something I'd not considered which is abit embarrassing if it is because my Mum is from Barcelona!  Do you have any pictures of your items that you could show me for comparison - they sound very interesting?

Ivo's description of the production sounds very similar to some of the Flygsfors work by Wiktor Berndt that was blown through copper collars and bands, though these remained in place on the completed items.


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