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Here is the set - the quality difference is remarkable, the jug and 6 glasses have a sand pontil (quite neat but not finished); the votive has a cut rim (2, actually!) which is coursely ground but hey who notices inside the wrought iron, and the copper banded vase is quite well finished - up to and including an uncertain mark in the copper.

Please, Paul, tell me some of this is Flygsfors!

Hi Pip,

I think your glass would look pretty cool next to my decanter.

 :shock: Click to enlarge :shock:

I don't have the facilities to take such lovely photos yet, but OH is working on it for me. :wink:  :D

ooh that's nice Della - sorry I didn't see your reply until just now  :? !  What can you tell me about your decanter - do you know the maker or designer?  I've looked up the other fella on the net that was mentioned earlier in this thread - is your decanter one of his also?

Hiya Pip,
Sorry, the jury is still out on this piece. I haven't got a clue, other than to say that it is a quality piece.
I wish I could give you more information. If I find out more I will let you know. I cannot find anything like it on the internet and I know if someone doesn't reply to a post here, that they don't know or the right person hasn't chanced along. I am patient and it is a keeper, but so far, all of my glass is :lol:  :lol:

There's a vase here with similar nodules, with a Hirschberg label.



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