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HI SUE ( CHOPIN LISZT ) a Michael Harris question please


Hi Sue :D

You know those IOW paperweights with the foot and often have Michaels signature on...well do you know if this was the reason for the foot and would ones without his signature be attributable to him or simply was it a place he found to place his rather elongated script on.  :roll:



Hi Gareth
Hope you don't mind me helping out on this one.
The pad on the bottom of the paperweights was simply part of the design, Michael Harris's signature had no influence over the design. On other items that had no pad or a large enough flat base his signature would curve with the piece.

Hi Dave

No absolutely dont mind at all... I think Sue has gone off for a wander around the Highlands... will send out a search party if she's nae back soon.

Many thanks for the info as it was something I wasn't quite sure about and probably influenced by not having seen his signature on anything else.....back to that little knowledge being a dangerous thing  :roll:  :?  :roll:




Hello Gareth - The proper expert got here first! The one with real information  8) rather than gut-feelings, speculation and Lesley Jackson :oops: !

I'd have said that the foot was just part of the design too.  :D
Michael Harris did not sign things often, only when asked to, as far as I know, so putting a base on for a signature would never have been part of the plan.

I see you posted while I was writing  :D - ah'm no awa i' t' heelans, ah'm awa tae pot wi' ha'en owerdone 't past weekend, i' Harrowgate. :roll:


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