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Sowerby Butterfly, How many pieces ?

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Hi, I would like to know if the Sowerby butterfly set is 5 pieces or six.    1-Tray, 2-Candleholders, 3-Pin Dish, 4-Lidded Pot. That is what the site says it consists of but I have seen somewhere that it may have 2 sizes of lidded pot, could you confirm either way please. It doesn,t seem to have the room for another lidded pot and the idea it has something other than 5 pieces wont go away. Thanks for your help in advance, (I will not be happy if I have to find another mint condition lidded pot  ;D)

Generally they have two pots of differing sizes.  Having two candlesticks and a lid per pot is perhaps more important than having all the pots for resale. Postage is another issue!!

And all the pieces in a trinket set are often counted too, i.e., including the lids. 

Trinket sets are not usually meant to fit all on the tray. The candlesticks are to be set one each side of your dressing table to illuminate your face. The tray catches the spills and drips from the pots.

The pot I have is 9.5cm diameter and 5.5cm in height (Measured just the pot without the lid). What size is the second pot ? Mine looks to be the smaller one to me. Strange that the second pot idea wouldnt go away  :D Will try to get hold of it and the pin dish. Putting the candle holders either side of a dresser does make sense  ::) Im only a man ;D my excuse and im sticking to it. So two pieces to find still. I have set myself the challenge of putting together a mint condition set for some reason. Thanks Lustrousstone

Anne's GTS site pages on the Sowerby Butterfly 2552 set at
only shows one lidded pot in the Sowerby catalogue , the set consisting of a tray, pair of candlesticks, a single lidded pot, and pintray - 5 pieces (the lidded pot counting as one piece).

Certainly I would only count a lidded pot as one piece rather than two.

I can't recall having seen 2 sizes of lidded pot with a Sowerby Butterfly set, and a quick scan of current and completed ebay listings only show sets with one lidded pot.

As to the 'usual' number of pots in a set - there is no 'rule' as far as I am aware. The Sowerby 2487, 2501 and 2638 sets are only shown in the catalogue as having a single lidded pot. Other sets have 3 pots (usually, but not invariably, 1 large and 2 small). Many other sets have 2 lidded pots (in 2 different sizes).

The pin dish/tray is often seen on eBay either on its own or with other pieces of a part set. The Sowerby butterfly set is common in all the colour combinations so the completion of a mint set using odd pieces should not be a difficult task. good luck.

There are two sizes of pot. And some of the catalogues do count all the pieces in a set
Here is a small one


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