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Sowerby Butterfly, How many pieces ?

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Just took some pics to demonstrate the difference !! :)

Seems to be a bit of confusion on this. I have re measured the pot I have. It has an Outside diameter of 3 and 5/8 or 9.5cm. An inside diameter of 3 and 3/8 or 8.5cm. Without the lid it is 5.5cm high. Could new moulds be slightly different in size as one mould only lasts so long ? and the thickness of the glass does sometimes differ slightly as well. Simba's pictures do show two pots that I had in the back of my mind (I need to find a way of finding info in my head !!) one at 3 inches and one at 3 and 5/8 inches so has anyone got the smaller one  ;D I am looking at this as Two pots Two Candle and a Pin Dish with the Tray of six pieces in total. I am a touch OCD (we all are in some way) and when you take the two candles off the tray would the pieces left look odd as if something is missing, a ring holder would even things up and make the tray more balanced. (Just thinking out loud, feel free to ignore that  ;D)

P.S.  I would think of a pot and lid as one item.

There are definitely two sizes of pot, which should be measured in inches. A set with one large pot is a valid set, as per the catalogue. But we don't have all the catalogues, so we don't know if and when they show two pots to a set. Moulds did vary slightly (see the Bagley items here where I reckon post-war cost cuts came into play. This is also true of the cheese dish) but the difference is this case is too much and the larger pot is definitely a post-war size as per the 1956 catalogue. However, the 1935 Pottery Gazette does show two sizes of pot. I suspect pre-war was two pots and post-war one pot. Here is help in dating your set.

(I only said the some catalogues count all the bits)

That is a very interesting article in the link you provided. Certainly my green set is not as crisply moulded as the small part frosted trinket pot I pictured before.

Hello everyone,
Just for the records here are a couple of my photos.

The large trinket pot has a diameter of 3 3/4 inches and is 4 1/2 inches to the top of the finial.
The small trinket pot has a 3 inch diameter and is 3 3/4 inches to the top of its finial.
Like Simba the smaller pot appears to be a much crisper mould, possible accentuated by the lovely soft acid etching/frosting.



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