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Sowerby Butterfly, How many pieces ?

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I have finally managed to buy a complete set with the two small pots it is part frosted but only the reverse of the large tray and the actual butterflies are frosted. It is uranium and positively zings !! :) I have included some photos for Anne if she needs them.

After all this time and I see a complete set...I never did manage to get mine together. A very nice set.

Thanks Angela, :) I love this set, it is just so substantial yet pretty!

Bernard C:
Apologies, everyone, commenting so late, as I've only just seen this topic.

I must have bought and sold a dozen or more complete sets over the years, either the seven piece pre-war version or the five piece post-war version.   My recollection is that Adam Dodds told us that he didn't remember the small pot, so it looks as if the small pot mould went walkabouts during the war.   I've never bought incomplete sets because of the different types of frosting and the variability of some colours;  matching them up would be difficult.   I think Adam has commented on this colour aspect.

Bernard C.  8)

I had the bottom part of a pot.
It went into thousands of pieces... ;D  :'(
(thankfully, easy to find with a black light, as it was a uranium one.)

Does anybody know what the proper (as in official) way of disposing of broken uranium glass is?
Is one allowed to just bung it into landfill via one's bins, wrapped up?
Or do you have to contact authorities to have it dealt with as radioactive waste material?


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