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Sowerby Butterfly, How many pieces ?

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Thank you, Christine.

I see that the pot in your link has a diameter of 7cm, and Anne's pot measurement is given as 3.5 inches (which is about 89mm).  If there is one only lidded pot listed with a set the actual measurements are rarely given, so I'll pay more attention to the sizes of of pots listed in Sowerby butterly sets in future. and I'll certainly be looking for sets offered with with 2 sizes of pot with renewed interest.

I think Anne usually counts a lidded pot as one piece rather than two (though I'm sure she will soon clarify the situation if not), but I would agree that there is no fixed 'convention' as to how many pieces constitute a single lidded pot. The easiest way surely is to describe the piece simply as a "lidded pot" thereby avoiding any potential confusion, and look at the 'piece count' of a set with quizical detachment pending more detailed appraisal.

Actually I have just found this set with two lidded pots on eBay:

I should have remembered it because I was the person who identified the pattern for the seller - Doh!?

The seller didn't give the pot measurements though, and the photo doesn't really show if the pots differ in size, though I suppose if you squint a bit the pot on the left might seem a little smaller.

Pete says his pot is 9.5 cm...

Perhaps we are looking for three lidded pots of different sizes!

I have this set with only one pot measuring 3.5 inches on checking my Sowerby cds from Glen & Stephen Thistlewood the catalogue states only one pot measuring 3.5 inches diameter and it is called a 5 piece set. ;D Although the pottery gazette shows a picture with two pots (and only one candlestick maybe the photographer liked the pots better !!) BUT I have the bottom of a smaller pot measuring 3 inches diameter !!?


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