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Thomas Kidd Glass Plates


I was sent some interesting photos today of Queen Victoria plates by Thomas Kidd of Ancoats. Identification comes from said plate being shown on a well known Thomas Kidd advertisement dating to 1897.

The same source sent in another photo showing a small plate celebrating the opening of the Manchester Ship Canal in 1894. One of these sits in the Manchester Art Gallery without an attribution, but viewing these plates together, I think we can be pretty confident Thomas Kidd was the maker. The one in the Art Gallery was of pretty scabby quality so I always suspected Thomas Kidd and their penny glassware...  have a look at the images I have added to the bottom of the webpage below and see if you agree!

Seems pretty likely to me


Another Thomas Kidd glass plate in amber made for the Silver Wedding of the Prince & Princess of Wales 1888.


Thanks Roy... how was this identified as Thomas Kidd? Is it in one of their Pottery Gazette adverts?

Neil its illustrated in Raymond Slack's book English Pressed Glass 1830-1900.



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