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Pink Uranium Coralene Vase

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well I never!!!!  I never knew until yesterday that pink glass could have a uranium content in it :D  Don't know what made me check with my vase; not the brightest button in the box but definitely glows.  Am I guessing correctly that this is a Bohemian piece?

Nice coralene, almost certainly Bohemian but I'd like to see a picture under UV.  Can you see the glow in daylight? Is it a really bright glow when you shine your UV light through it?
Burmese glass has pink uranium and this pink one definitely glows

lovely isn't it and the flash on the camera has bought up the glass beads a treat.  I shall see how good a pic I can get when it gets dark later

Paul S.:
I'd agree about the coralene - great piece - congratulations...........although I'm not really seeing the body as pink - more a dusky cream :)

nope, it's deffo pink, just the flash on the camera that's all


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