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What do we call this millefiori paperweight style ...

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Thanks Wolf.   It is hollow.  It weighs about half what a similarly sized solid glass pwt weighs.   Still, at 7.75 oz (220g) I think it's heavy enough for a pwt.  It's nothing like the hollow hanging ornament type balls I've seen.   

I looked at a few of the Livio Campanella pieces (different site as my browser wouldn't let me in the one linked above).  Anyway, there were quite a few canes in common.  I realize that's not definitive but keeps it in the realm of likelihood.  -Buck

This weight is far neater than the surface decorated example recently posted by member peteralba, which is currently thought to be very recent Chinese.

The canes (which I agree are Lefftre) are very well set, and even sit more closely than some of the vases by Livio Campanella. I suspect this is indeed a Campenella weight.

The two weights are indeed very different - and Peteralba's one is definitely Heart Shop Foundation, current "new goods", first appeared last year. I keep a very close watch on the Heart Foundation Shops' new goods.

But we still haven't got any suggestions about how to describe an uncased millifiori wieght, which is the question posed!

"Surface decorated" is a usual description.

This is from Murano circa 1970.  It is not Chinese.


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