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Would you call this lower quality millefiori? ID = Modern Chinese

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I really should clean my eye glasses I think.  This was an auction buy.  Looking at it now, seeing the bubbles and overall 'blandness' of it I'm thinking the auctioneer got the better deal.  Wouldn't hurt my feelings if someone told me this was Whitefriars or Murano but I'm guessing it is more recent Chinese in origin?

Measures 2-3/4" wide, 2-1/2" tall.


Look Chinese to me.

Me too. The 3rd pic, with the lengths of the canes showing is an absolute clincher.

Thank you both.  That's enough confirmation for me.   Now just to figure out a way to convince my wife it was her hand that went up during the auction LOL,  ;D

Do you like it?
Chinese weights do have appeal and a collector base.


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