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ID please for Peacock weight. ID = regular modern Chinese


Hello , I wonder if I could once again ask for help .
After my Initial Comical foray into the world of the paperweight .
I've now got my second one curtesy of the British Heart foundation.
Well I assume it's a paperweight its looks like one. but is flattened
on one edge to allow it to stand upright.
It also has a raised section which ends with three grooves.
I've had a browse to see if there's something similiar but
without success.
After the kindness shown to a novice last week i'm hopeful that you may
help again.
Kind regards Peter.

It's a Chinese peacock, made in their thousands in various colours I currently have 2 here. Probably 1970's onwards. Often on ebay with ridiculous claims to being 19thC Clichy, Baccarat etc.

P.S Board rules are that there shoud only be one item per thread so this should have been started as  a new one really.

Thank you Nick sorry about the board rules.
I should have read them.

Regards Peter.

Please feel free to delete my posts Admin

I am pretty sure these weights are Chinese


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