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Questions Regarding HOVMANTORP Sweden and Arabia Silja Pattern

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Thanks mbmb.  Very useful and welcome information.



--- Quote from: langhaugh on February 17, 2013, 05:16:41 PM ---Ivo, I noticed that your link says that Sea is part of the Sagaform group, and yet the Orrefors web site still says that Sea is a subsidiary of Orrrefors Kosta Boda, as you have it in your book. Do you know if  Sagaform is a recent development?


--- End quote ---

Orrefors/Kosta-Boda and Sagaform are both subsidiaries within the Swedish publicly traded company New Wave Group. It seems that they have shuffled around a bit internally so that Sea is now owned by Sagaform, but they are all in the same group.

Bill G:
The perodic dances of corporate ownership of Orrefors and Kosta Boda can at times be interesting.

At one point Orrefors owned Kosta Boda and by the way Venini but ownership changes happened and Kosta Boda ended
up with controlling interest.

New Wave, a corporate conglomerate, purchased the company Kosta Boda Orrefors and through corporate decisions have
run the operation into the ground. They failed to build on the brand idenity established by previous corporate managers at
Orrefors in the USA and coupled with world economic conditions, the glass operations appear to be in a spiral dive to extinction.

Orrefors is basically shut down, Afors with Bertil Vallen is closed, Boda is practically closed and Kosta staff has been reduced
with all administration being sent to corporate headquarters in Gothenberg.

The small glassworks Sea which has been owned by Kosta is still in operation as far as I know.

Orrefors purchased a glass works in Hovmantorp called Sandvik in the 1920\s which produced  inexpensive glass designed
by Gate and Hald.

Bill Geary


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