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Questions Regarding HOVMANTORP Sweden and Arabia Silja Pattern

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Again, thanks to you both for the additional information.  I did check the Laatutavura site for any Silja pieces before posting but found nothing.  David's comment that distribution was limited to N.A. may explain why.


However, Sea in the town of Kosta, did not go under.

Ivo is correct, of course, about Sea being in Kosta, not Orrefors. My mistake. 

Ivo, I noticed that your link says that Sea is part of the Sagaform group, and yet the Orrefors web site still says that Sea is a subsidiary of Orrrefors Kosta Boda, as you have it in your book. Do you know if  Sagaform is a recent development?


I think the only person to know about current owners and activities is Bill Geary. I've lost track some time ago.

Back to Silja: designed by Heikki Orvola 1975, and in production until 1978. Glass by Nuutajärvi/Notsjö was marketed under the brand name Arabia 1971-78, so some confusion is bound to occur here. Nuutajärvi/Notsjö merged with Iittala in 1988. The Silja design has nothing to do with the Silja ferry line; Silja is a Scandinavian girl’s name.



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