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a) Is this Stourbridge? b) Is it worth repairing?

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I'll be brief (makes a change!) as I'm not well.  (See Cafe post  :( )  

I finally rose from my sickbed to unwrap this parcel, and discovered I'd failed to take in the SIZE  of the vase! :shock:  I thought I was buying a little one :oops:  "Pay more attention, the girl at the back!"   :roll:  

So what I want to know is, do the experts think this is a 'Stourbridge' vaseline vase?  If not, what / where / who?

And as you see, it has a tiny chip, which the seller suggested could be smoothed out.  Does anyone think this is worth getting done?  It's very small and doesn't show very much at all - I had to search for it, having been told it was there, but it's only visible from a certain direction.

It's a lovely vase, just how big is big? Perhaps it can keep the others in order. I would have said it's only worth having the chip done if you want to sell it on and doing so would increase its value

Leni - If the chip is small, the vase can be displayed where it doesn't show and it doesn't bother you - I say leave it alone  :lol:

BTW - I love it.  This is much more my style.  Shhh!! Don't tell the others, but I really don't care for all those "modern" pieces  :oops:


--- Quote from: "Lustrousstone" ---It's a lovely vase, just how big is big? Perhaps it can keep the others in order.
--- End quote ---

Sorry, I forgot to say the size.  Not on form at the moment   It's 7" high and 6" across the widest part.  I do love it, but I really don't have room for anything quite that big!  I'd been disciplining myself to only buy small pieces, but it was so pretty, I just didn't read the description well enough  :roll:

I was thinking I'd keep it for a bit and then maybe sell it, which is why I wondered if the chip was worth repairing.  Anyone any idea how much grinding out a small chip would cost?

Hello Leni,
Sorry to hear you've been under the weather  :cry: (and just about everything else by the sound of it!).

When I had the "mustard" lump removed, it cost about £8. I know, though, that having a bit of textured Strathearn sorted, which is a much more complex glass than Mdina, cost a lot more, nearer £35-40. I think the extra came from the fact that the Strathearn was textured as well as multicoloured, while the Mdina was just a straightforward polishing down on what was thick glass to start off with.

Would you end up loosing some of the opaline effect if yours were polished?

I reckon just leave it, if you can live with it. :D


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