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a) Is this Stourbridge? b) Is it worth repairing?

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Leni, I join Sue in this matter!
It's a real beauty and if you are going to sell it once, sell it with that small damage - you should also name that if ground out  so then: leave it to the buyer.... good luck :wink:

It's a beautiful vase,Leni. :)
Totally my kind of style! It does look very "Stourbridge" to me.
I do concur with Connnie's statement, I like the old glass best. They don't make it like they used to......
I think you should leave it as is, after all it is well over 100 (probably 120) years old & it's condition reflects it's long & interesting life, just like our own faces & bodies do! :D
I prefer signs of character to plastic surgery.......
Just a thought! :)

Thank you all for your comments  :D I guess I'll keep this one for now, and leave it as it is.  

I always feel rather strange when I get a beauty like this for so little money  :shock:   I feel torn between being really pleased that I got it at a good price, and sad because no-one else wants such a beautiful and venerable old piece of glass because it has such a small, insignificant bit of damage!  :(  :roll:


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