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glass ID needed ID = Mats Jonasson

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If I recall correctly these pieces had a dark blue sticker and were part of his Signature Collection.

I wouldn't rush to sell this one if I were you, until you have had more time to research the pattern and number. 
It is one I have only seen once before and may be less common and more desirable than the mass produced pieces.

Thanks for the reply it looks like that there has been on eBay a number of similar pieces that look like these. Are you saying that the mass produced pieces look similar to this specific 1 but this might be different? Thanx

When I answered your thread,  I had only ever seen one of this particular style of eagle sculpture,  but I have just looked at the 'completed listings worldwide' on eBay and there are about 4 of them there. Howeve, a couple of them have been relisted, so it looks as though there are more of them, but some are the same one relisted.
There is just one on eBay at the moment,  but that  is one of the relisted ones.
The fatter bald eagle pattern seems to be the most common.

Is this one of mine the same? It is marked RK 33168.60 M. Jonasson


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