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Uranium Glass Trinket Set ID needed

Hi All !

Picked this set up today , tray ring holder and trinket dish, tested and is uranium glass, tray is approx 30cm x 18cm. Anyone know the maker or pattern please ?

Heres the photo link :

thank you !

Still unknown I'm afraid

Another coincidence, known as unknown set 14 for now (I think). I picked up a set 4 days ago and havent got round to posting yet. I have the tray, large and small lidded pots, 2 candles and Ring Holder. I think I am missing 1 small lidded pot. I have searched and found nothing else.

Been marked down as Sowerby on here , I have noticed a few in the uk on ebay so a possibility ?

There is a vague possibility in that the colour is Ok, so it might have been a commission, but is NOT documented anywhere as Sowerby and unless anyone finds the order books...


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