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Pirelli, Bimini, Komaromy Glass - London Lampworkers Book 1 published

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Angela B:

We have talked about this book for so long - and finally the first of a four book Trilogy about Pirelli, Bimini and Komaromy glass has been published as an ebook on Amazon.
If you search for London Lampworkers on (or if you are in the US) you will see it.
At the moment you can buy it for 1.95 (pounds) or US$2.99 but if you wait until the weekend  I have arranged that you can get a copy free (from Saturday until Monday night).

We need feedback so that I can correct any errors. I have already found a formatting error and one vase that I have called a decanter!!  Please put feedback about errors here on the Message Board so I can correct them. Positive feedback that you like the book would be more than welcome on Amazon.

I hope you are going to enjoy this book, and the rest of the Trilogy that will follow.

Looking forward to it!

I've been privileged to see this pre-publication and it makes fascinating reading. I can't wait to see the rest of the trilogy. :)

Angela B:
Thanks Nancy and Anne - I'm biting my fingernails on this first day of publication, hoping people are going to like the book. So its really good to hear from you.

What I should be doing is getting on with the next book, which will be the one on Pirelli. I have a huge number of photographs and lots of really interesting information that hasn't been published before and we are about half way through that book. It shouldn't be too long.
I'm still receiving photographs of Pirelli figurines with labels -people have been great. If there are any more out there - I'm here waiting and they really will be appreciated -

Thanks again, Nancy and Anne. I really need the encouragement just now.

Angela, I have some stuff to send you, including some photos, so please remind me if you've not had them by the weekend. :)


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