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another lamp shade - who made it?

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bought from England years ago

can any of you lovely contributors name this one?

thank you so much as always  8)

It's gorgeous Pamela. Butterfles and roses - very English. The butterflies are not unlike the Sowerby dressing  table set ones, a little less detailed perhaps

It is truly beautiful Pamela, and I would love to know more about it.  It is reminiscent of the Jobling bird shades, but I do not know who made it.

No real reason behind it, but my first though was that it is French.

Bernard C:
Pamela et al —Almost all of the press-moulded lighting bowls found in Britain were made in mainland Europe somewhere.   The four (or was it five? — I lose count of the bird bowls) Jobling examples are well known, because they were British made, albeit from French moulds.

Roses and butterflies are just two obvious motifs that are always popular with the British public.   So far, excellent market research.   However, the designer has failed to take account here of how British artists traditionally depict their roses and butterflies.   To the British mind, the roses on this bowl are not quite sure whether they are roses or chrysanthemums.   And British artists often reduce the body, antennae and legs of butterflies, sometimes omitting them completely; here the designer has done the opposite.

You may find, Pamela, that these particular characteristics actually help identify a country or region where your bowl could have been made.

Bernard C.  8)


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