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Possible Czech. trinket tray


Paul S.:
just for show - couldn't leave it behind this morning, although it'll no doubt go back to the charity shop now I've got some pix.
Must be one of the largest I've seen - a tad over 14.25" x 10.5" (c. 365 x 265mm) - but it's the engraving that catches the eye, although I suspect that a proportion of the deeper decoration comes in the form of press moulding, with the handwork limited more to the finer wheel engraving.
Unfortunately, none of the other pieces remained, and the tray is quite heavily chipped in a couple of places.

I know less than nothing about this sort of material, but if pushed might suggest Czechoslovakian in origin, and from somewhere in the middle of the C20 or slightly earlier  -  am I warm?

thanks for looking :)

Let me check through my ref stuff Paul, it looks vaguely familiar so I may have seen it somewhere. :)

Paul S.:
thanks Anne :)


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