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Pink Birds - Murano or Venetian ?

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Hi all.....

Finally will be getting around to posting some of my buys here for a while.....stay tuned......LOL

I will start with my most precious ones I got. A pair of Pink Glass birds with Gold in them.   I found them on-line (not Fleabay) but ALAS the female bird incurred a break on the trip here.  I will *try* to fix her, but I still love them.

~ Pair of pink birds, with gold highlights.  Male and female bird
~ Very thick heavy bases on them that I have not seen before.
~ Base has pontil scar
~ Base has also been ground, and shows wear
~ Male Bird is about:  9 inches tall, and about 12 inches long from tip of tail to beak (about 2.5 pounds).  The Male also has a couple of leaves on the base stem, where the female does not.
~ Female Bird is about:  7.5 inches tall, and about 10.5 inches long (about 2 pounds)

Are these birds:  Pheasants, or Roadrunner, or what?

I can find some glass bird but alot of them are more in the *pecking stance* with their Head down, and the tail up.  I can not find any like these.

I am hoping "I did Good" on these.  That they are very old, and perhaps Venetian.  There is quite a bit of dirt in the grooves of the tails I have yet to clean

Any idea on the age, maker, or any other info at all on them?

They WILL go with my Murano PINK lamps, and some of the other (many) pink things I have here.  I guess I am into some Pink Glass I now have a collection.


Hi Rose top quality and old i had a cowboy and cowgirl on that exact base , a guy who is a top dealer in Italian glass bit my hand off for them that was sometime back , not sure but Barovier & Toso comes to mind , i wish i had kept them , i think i have another pair in the loft a girl and a boy on a swing or a log iridescent pink and silver pearl but one is broken so i put them away and forgot about them ,,,,, must dig them out , i am sure Anita will come up with something . cheers jp   ..... Golden Pheasants i believe .

You are right, jp. Barovier & Toso. Very nice, antiquerose. I believe they are late 40s-early 50s. So sad to hear of the chip.

Thanks JP and Anita for the ID on them!! 

I thought they were good just via a pic on-line  ;D   < dances here >

--- Quote from: TxSilver on February 23, 2013, 12:27:30 AM ---You are right, jp. Barovier & Toso. Very nice, antiquerose. I believe they are late 40s-early 50s. So sad to hear of the chip.

--- End quote ---

The Male bird is 100 % okay, he is perfect...................NOW the female bird has a bit if more than a chip.  See pic here.

Such a shame as that happened via postal.  I am going to try to fix it SO which glue might be better?  Heavy duty Crazy Glue, or I also saw a Glass Glue (for aquarium ) as that is for Glass to Glass.  Have never tried it so I am not sure it might be thick, as it sounds like the type of glue for making YOUR own aquarium  (seams) so not sure if it would work well for this as I do not want the break to show too much......................OR any other suggestions on a fast/good bonding glue to use for Glass??

If you want for the Zoo Anita, you may....

So one of the birds is perfect, and the other just broke at the stem.   IF this had not happened via Postal -- they both would have been perfect as I feel no chips anywhere else.  I guess IT could have been worse, and smashed into a zillion pieces!!!

I paid $ 60 for the pair of birds  ;D

It is pretty sad. A 60 year old birds reduced in value from around $250 to 0 just like that. The bird lives on, but the value is gone.

Thanks for saying we could put it in the zoo. It is a wonderful addition.


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