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Pink Birds - Murano or Venetian ?

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--- Quote from: TxSilver on February 23, 2013, 01:16:23 AM ---It is pretty sad. A 60 year old birds reduced in value from around $250 to 0 just like that. The bird lives on, but the value is gone.

Thanks for saying we could put it in the zoo. It is a wonderful addition.

--- End quote ---

Well at least ONE is still perfect -- just as a set they are not.  Better than having the mail man wreck both.  For that I am still Thank ful, as it could have worst for Both.  I still will keep them.  After getting the positive ID from you I saw something similar (with a tail repair) at some auction place, and it still sold.

I will not be selling these anyways....they are just for me.  I love them and just glad that I still may be able to repair the one. 

They will not be flying south anytime from my home.......LOL.....I will still love them.

To me they are still worth it, as even with the one perfect one.  It was amazing they lasted 60 years without any damage -- then Canada post did it one.  Least not a zillion Chards!  One clean break. 

I will try to be a Vet and fix the other one.

Maybe you want to use this pic decide

One word of warning -- the crazy glue for glass works, but only for a short time. I repaired a pheasant with a stem broken like this. The glue held for a while, then one day it gave and the pheasant hit the floor. If you glue it, find some way to reenforce the glue. Or maybe someone will know something that is stronger so your pheasant won't suffer the same fate mine did.

Thanks Anita....that is what I am afraid with Crazy glue.  Will only hold for a while then might fall apart and do more damage.  Maybe I should try the other glue??

I been googling around here and found a Single, Smaller bird on Svazzo site, much the same in shape...

Gee, now I can find some other examples of that base, Super !!

 ;D Rose ignore that remark i bet you dont look 60 and are worth a lot more than $250 . Anita you naughty gal . ;D
   One figurine sold at 400 on ebay last year . :'(

That is even more than I thought it would be. More discouraging yet.


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