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Show off: Flavio Poli "Sommerso" vase

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Sounds like a wonderful buy but how much light does it need to show of the Poli sommerso?

Would not mind seeing it back lit...

I'm off to the cafe to see if there a story of wrestling with the lawyer for the vase. Sounds intriguing.

Thanks all!

@ardy: the vase looks great on the windowsill with light coming from behind, but even then it is very dark.
My normal setup obviously came to a limit when photographing this vase (too much white mirroring everywhere...)

I shall think about a setup with back light to show the sommerso better, which is really beautiful IMHO. (I love that ruby red layer inbetween -- seems almost like a signature feature for Flavio Poli).
And I forgot to mention: it has the best base finish I have ever seen -- no edge, not even bevelling, just polished to a perfect smooth curve.


That is something else Michael.   8)
My Michael would have it in the house like a shot.  ;) It has power and presence as well as beauty.

Thanks Sue! -- It is a very serious piece of glass 8)

I tried my best to get a decent shot of it with backlight (to show the Sommerso better as ardy wished) , but the thick glass and dark colours are beyond my photographic skills...



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