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Pilkington Glass with a difference

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David E:
Thought Pilkington only made window glass?

Just came across this item on eBay (item: 7409006759) that, according to the text, was made by the company.

A fabulously intricate item, whoever made it! :shock:

Probably made by a resident blower at the glass museum, which is in St Helens and was actually on the Pilkington site, although it's moved to a new museum in an older glass works nearby

David E:
Thanks Christine 8)

It seems to allude that the item was purchased from here, but I wonder if it was a one-off exhibit item or whether they made them for resale? 18" long: they must have cost a fortune! :shock:

Anne (N) might know more as she lived very close to the plant.

Isn't that just an incredible piece of work and skill!!!!

As I live by the sea, I may just have to have a go for that, but just think of the damage possibilities in the post!!!  Emmi

Yes, David, ships like these were made at Pilkington's. I remember seeing  them when we went on a school visit. I was less than 10 years old and on my first-ever visit to a glassworks. The visitor centre had some of these in display cabinets and they made a lasting impression on me.

I recently asked Pilkington's about these and was told they were friggers, and there are many of them in their collection. Joanna Hayward, their Collections and Access Manager, replied to my query and said they are not on permanent display but periodic exhibitions of them are held. They did one about 12 months ago. The friggers are not just of ships, she said, but include items such as a glass Blackpool Tower!


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