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Pirelli Bimini and Komaromy Glass - first book free today only


Angela B:
The first of a four book Trilogy about Pirelli, Bimini and Komaromy glass has been published as an ebook on Amazon.
It is available for free until Tuesday morning UK time, or midnight Monday in the US. I do hope that anyone who is interested in Pirelli or Bimini or Komaromy will get a copy. I'm also hoping for some good feedback on Amazon.
Direct fast link to title on -
Direct fast link to title on -

(many thanks to Anne for those links, and if you are in a different country to the UK or US there are more links in Anne's post at,51531.10.html

After today the price goes back to  1.95 (pounds) or US$2.99

We need feedback so that I can correct any errors. I have already found a formatting error and one vase that I have called a decanter!!  Please put positive feedback if you like the book on Amazon and email me with any errors (

I hope you are going to enjoy this book, and the rest of the Trilogy that will follow.

If you don't have a Kindle to read it on, there is a free download that will enable you to read Kindle ebooks on your computer (in colour too).  Thanks again to Anne for the following links (and there are more of them in her post): - -

Thanks for the publicity about the book! I haven't had a chance to read this or discuss with my dad, Istvan's son, since your publication, but would love to input if we can.
Thanks for your continued interest in my grandfathers work!
Best wishes
D komaromy

Angela B:
Hi Debbie,
How wonderful to make contact with you. I do hope you and your Dad enjoyed the book and I shall be delighted to hear from you in relation to the next book on Komaromy Glass.

Very best wishes


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