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Corroso/Pulegoso? Signed Decanter with Fab Colours!

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David E:
I posted photos of a superb signed decanter in primary colours of yellow, blue and red, with a possible Corroso finish.

EDIT: Or is it Pulegoso?

I assumed firstly it was Murano, but this has drawn blanks in the Murano section, so I would welcome any comments.

Here's the original message with photos:

It has superb primary colours: yellow body, blue ring top, red stopper that combine so well 8)  The outer of the decanter might be a light corroso finish that I've tried photographing with backlighting, although I think the red stopper is simply frosted.

Lovely modern piece featuring a flat ground & polished base with a signature that reads "franco" or "flavio" and "Ulsutt" or "Misutt"??? Hopefully identifiable firstly by the shape! :wink:

:shock: click to zoom :shock:

Additional photos:
Close Up of Top
Corroso Finish?

David E:
After all this time (8 years!), I saw a similarly finished piece: corroso and a differently coloured ring, at a recent antiques fair. This had a much better signature to the base and the seller was confident that it was Carlo Moretti. I was equally convinced, but can anyone confirm this, please?

Photos posted here to avoid pesky links.

Hi David , i have been a Carlo Moretti fan for many years and have had a lot of his work , that signature looks nothing like the signature on any i have had , his signature is a rare thing ,,,,, so  easy to read . you could not fail to see it , give my love to Petunia xxx jp  ;D ;) ps strange thing is the moment i saw the picture i thought Moretti ,,,, but there is a whole bunch of them . Give them a call i have heard they are very helpful even the Maestro answers , that's if he is still with us  ?

David E:
Thanks JP, although the signature on the [very] similar item at the antiques fair was very clear and did look like those I have seen. The seller reckoned it was only Moretti that produced this style of glassware. I'll get in touch with them - would like to clear this one up!

Phyllis sends her love xxx

David E:
Sadly, I never got a reply to this, so I didn't get anywhere. Any other ideas?


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