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Familiar stripey oval - who? ID = Kosta Boda, second, unsigned


This vase has white threads pulled up and it looks as if I should know it - I just cannot find it.
It is unsigned and 17 cm. high - so just under 7".
It is not signed - perhaps because of a blowing fault making it second choice.

Fairly sure this is a Kosta Boda piece, designed by Bertil Vallien.

Yep - that makes searching a lot easier, thank you so much.  seems to be of the same ilk.

Bill G:

Since your work is unsigned, it is a second.

Sometimes with the Swedes it is almost impossible to understand why a piece is a second after
close inspection.

Bill Geary

Daniel S:
reason for being a secod could be many things.

Wrong size, doesn't fit in the box.
Not the right shape.
Wrong color.
Lack of seconds in the second choice store can lead to that they take unsigned first choices.

They will never have cracks, bruises and so on, these never reach the market.


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