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Marbles anyone?

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I've been over the previous threads on marbles, but do we have anyone over this side of the pond who is really knowledgeable? The reason being on Sunday I'm going to visit an old friend who has a collection of 654 marbles which are all supposed to be 19th century or earlier glass examples. All sizes apparently and some with paperweight bits in them, his words not mine. I've checked out:-

which is a great site, but just wondered if we have an expert over here. I'm going to have to sell them for this pal as he has bad health problems and is trying to sort things out before it gets too late, so any help appreciated.

There's a yellow latticino (central core) marble, with coloured + gold aventuriny stripes in my local antique shop.  It's very dog eared, and they want £10 for it.   :shock:  :shock:

Hey Paul?  Don't forget to take your camera on Sunday.  :wink:

I'm bringing them home with me Max so I can picture them at my leisure, I've promised to help out with these so I'm really in at the deep end.

there is a specific forum on Auctionbytes for marbles...maybe someone there can point you in the right direction


David E:
Thanks for bringing this subject up, Paul.

I have a load of antique marbles that I'd like to ID, so these links will motivate me to actually do something. Thanks to AlmasAttic as well.


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