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Marbles anyone?

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Bernard C:
See also

There seems to be plenty of help out there.

I saw a tip on photographing marble interiors.   Wet them, with water if you are quick, oil if you take your time. So that you can see and photograph what's inside through a worn surface. And yes, I would also be cautious about buying them online, but not significantly more so than buying any other types of glass online. It's not cheating if you explain what you have done, or better, also include a photograph of the dry marble.

Bernard C.  8)

Thanks for all the help so far, I'll post some piccys when I get them on Sunday, but they do sound interesting.

Thanks Bernard.  Noted.  I was only thinking out loud though, I wasn't meaning to accuse anyone of subterfuge.  :)  :wink:  :oops:

I used to sell marbles on eBay – I still have many fine examples

My method to get the best pictures was using pure daylight and a good digital camera. I would use a stick attached to one end of a desk by a window ensuring the window had only sky as it's view - I would then stick the marble (they are not heavy, even the 1.5" diam ones) on the end of the stick with a tiny piece of white-tack. I would align the camera using books to get the correct height for a dead shot, no flash - macro on modern cameras allows for infinite detail.

Morning or late afternoon skies give best results (on a clear day of course)

German marbles 1860s - 1920s were my best sellers

Latticinio Core Swirl
Two layer Latticinio Core Swirl
Divided Core Swirl
Solid Core Swirl
Ribbon Core (only the older kind)
Onionskin (if by a good maker can be worth lots)

There are many more like 'Peppermint Swirl' and 'Clambroth'

The best maker I could hope for was ‘Lutz’ - containing aventurine and made to perfection

Price wise I always got about a third of any book price

American marbles were less hot, they are not as old as German ones, but some 1920s ‘Christensen Agate’ marbles are valued at £250.00 – mostly I got ‘Akro’ or ‘Peltier’

Collectors don't like nasty chips but a few nicks here and there is a sign of age as is the roughly ground patch at each end of the core (showing manufacture) - older marbles are never perfectly round - that came later 1920s 30s onwards with machine made marbles

I sold to some very knowledgeable guys. It was a while ago but I can always invite them to the board :?:

Adam P

I have a set of 1960s marbles that I let friends children play with - they are excellent used in a game of solitaire with an old wooden game board.

I gave my nephew two valuable ones and told him they used to be adored by Victorian children who would swap them like pokemon cards (I think that is why we still have so many older ones in OK condition)

It hasn't sunk through because it is not within range of his peer group

Strangely enough he loves glass animals and is after my collection of Seguso and Pirelli animals - I have given him a few as I think he has an instinct for collecting - he has a beautiful shelf with pieces he has been given and bought himself - I like to see this amongst all his PSP and XBox gear (mind you they will probably be worth something one day LOL)

Adam P


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