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Paul ADK:
I have just posted photos of three items which have me stumped.  The first "Object de arte" may be mid -century Murano or mid-06 Chinese for all I know.  There is just enough wear to the base to make it difficult to eliminate the older date.

The second item is an attractive yellow frosted bowl I thought someone might recognize.

The last item, a pressed glass relish set (?) with ruby flashing was purchased at an estate sale.  I would love to know the pattern and manufacturer.  At first glance, I thought sure it was a reproduction, but I have checked both of the books I have on pattern glass repros without finding it listed.

At any rate, thanks for your help.  The pictures can be found in my album titled "More Glass" at the following link:

The last one is American.I can't think of the name of it right now. I out of town and don't have access to my books.

For some reason Jeannette Glass and 1950s is coming to mind, but I might be misremembering  :oops:

The pattern I was thinking about was Indiana Teardrop

But I can see that the top edges are different.  How old do you think this is?

EAPG or 1950s ?  I think that there is an EAPG pattern that is also teardrops which this might be but again -no books with me  :cry:

Paul ADK:
I too think this is probably the Indiana Glass Co "Teardrop #1011"  In fact, I had finally found it in Vol.II of Florence's Guide this morning around 2:00 AM.  It is on page 175, which shows three examples.  The drape and teardrop on my piece is exactly the same as that on the candlestick pictured.  

That said, my example does not have the scalloped top.  However, it looks to me as if, when the item has a scalloped top like the creamer pictured, there is no drape, and when the item required a flat rim for reason of utilitarianism , the designers used a molded drape to echo the scalloping.

By the way, I also found the yellow bowl late last evening.  The bowl is "Satin Topaz" Blank #869 manufactured by the Lancaster Glass Company.  It appears Lancaster only manufactured this particular item in the year 1932.  

Now if someone can help me identify that mystifying blue whatever, I will be all set - at least until I return from tonights auction.

Paul -

I agree with the Lancaster attribution for the bowl.  I thought Lancaster when I saw it but again no books this weekend.

Try Chalet Glass from Canada for your blue bowl.  I don't remember seeing any with the star base but the general form is right for their production.  It also makes sense since you are from upstate NY - the Adirondacks if I remember correctly.


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