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Carnival Glass candy dish with lid


I have a Carnival Glass candy dish with lid that has been in my family for years. I was wondering if anyone knew who made it or how i can find out. It is not marked. Also, how much is it worth if anything. I found 2 just like it on Ebay but no info about the maker, etc..

Here is the pic,

Also please see your other thread with the description for the identification of this piece.

Indiana Glass Co., Dunkirk, Indiana. 1970s production. Iridised blue glass (Carnival) pattern is known as "Harvest" and this is the covered compote, #2225, "Wedding Bowl and Cover".


Thanks Glen, this makes alot of sense now. My parents were married in the late 60's and moved to Ohio near the Indiana border and this was a gift from my father's Great Aunt who was a nun. My parents probably recieved it around 1970 or the early 70's. thanks so much.


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