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My new carnival addition. ID please?


Hi Glen and all,

Could you possibly tell me anything about my newest Carnival item?

 :shock: Click image to enlarge :shock:

It is 21cm wide and 6cm high.

As always, many, many thanks.   :lol:  :lol:

Hi Della - I can tell you the pattern name that it was given a few years ago - "Checkerboard Panels". I can tell you it is so far only known in marigold and is for sure, European.

I don't know the maker - but I haven't fully investigated the pattern in recent years. I'll work on it  :lol:


Thank you Glen :D  :D

I had looked at picture after picture for about 3 hours, but I couldn't find the pattern anywhere.
You must have one fantastic memory :!:


--- Quote from: "Deltab" ---You must have one fantastic memory :!:
--- End quote ---

Only for Carnival Glass, Della. For everything else it's a case of CRS, I'm afraid  :lol:


I have the same colour&pattern  in an oval shape and have always assumed it was Leerdam - we see this pattern on a regular basis in this country.


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