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Small amber tray large star - ID = Paden City USA - Guest Set


Can anyone help with the identification of this small amber glass tray with a large star as the only decoration. It is quite small so I am not sure if it was part of a trinket set or not. It measures 25 cms from handle to handle and approx 14.5cms wide and 2cms deep. If it's not part of a trinket set what could it have been used for?  :)

I have identified this tray as Paden City USA ;D

Agreed Angela, referenced on Page 224 of Margaret & Kenn Whitmyer's book Bedroom & Bathroom Glassware of the Depression Years. The book states these were produced in the late 1920's and early 1930's. The book shows each tray with a matching pitcher and tumbler and is called a "Guest Set"

Comes in Pink, Green, Amber, Vaseline, Amethyst, & Cobalt. Each colour could be plain, gold decorated or etched.

ID = Paden City USA - Guest Set

Wow thanks Jayne you are a star!! ;D

You're welcome Angela. :)


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