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Glass or vase? Bear or Lion?


Hi all,

I have two of these and don't have a clue.
Are they vases or are they some kind of strange drinking glasses?
They are 19.5cm tall and look as though they are made from bottle glass?

 :shock: Click either image to enlarge :shock:

Around the base are four paws.
As always, any input is welcome. :D  :D

David E:
I'd say Lion, but haven't a clue what the vase actually is :roll:

Hi Della,
these appear quite frequently on eBay (offering lions), my guess is contemporary Spanish recycling glass manufactured for a certain, unknown product?  :?

Thanks David and Pamela. :D

I thought lions too.

I don't often visit ebay :oops:  :oops: The stories I have read are a little on the daunting side, so the only time I visit is when someone here posts a link.

Recycled bottle glass was my first thought too. :lol:

I was wondering if this vessel could be Bavarian?  Or from some place where bears are a local 'souvenir' item?  I guess I'm thinking of Chuggy's bear (from the Cafe thread a while back)  which is in the background in his picture in the Rogues Gallery  :shock:


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