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Orrefors (?) Decanter. ID = Likely false coding on partial Orrefors shape item!

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I will post pics first as I dont know if it will work.
Now I finally get the pictures to load I can ask if anyone can date this or give a designer. The letter A says it is Olle Alberius and pre 1980 well thats what I see it as with my limited knowledge. I was a little unsure about the name and code being genuine as well. There are mineral deposits on the inside sadly. I cant find this shape of decanter either. Any help appreciated

Thanks  ;D

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The decanter looks based on an Orrefors pre-WWII style. However, decanters in this style usually had a foot and a lip, and always at least one of the two.  The signature doesn't doesn't looks terribly convincing, and also isn't consistent with how Orrefors applied their codes. "A," or more usually "OA," for Olle Alberius would come before the numbers. The letter after the number usually indicated engraver, and I can't see any engraving on here.

Is the stopper ground or is there a plastic sleeve?

If I had to give an opinion, I'd say not Orrefors, at least not Orrefors the factory we know.  Orrefors is also the name of a place and you can find glass with that name on it that wasn't made in the factory.

I hope this helps a little.


I have seen the name in a few styles but this one had me at 50 50. Just a niggling doubt that wouldn't go away. The stopper is all glas and fits as it should. Will be home tomorrow and let you know. Thanks


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