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Help With Candleholders ID : Bagley Duchess 3103

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I haven't been able to ID this set of candleholders for weeks. I have searched everywhere and can not find anything even similar. I was hoping someone on this board might be able to help.  They are about 5 1/8" tall, have a  3 footed base with a sawtooth type edge. There are pressed stars on the top with vertical bars below.  Could this set possibly be English or could they just be an inexpensive pair of junk?

Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for your time.

Hi Sophie, Welcome to the board. Where are you? Add it to your profile , it can sometimes help with glass ID. I've seen these candleholders before, several times, so they coud be English or maybe Czech. Hopefully someone else has a better idea

Bernard C:
Hi Sophie & Christine,

And welcome to the GMB, Sophie.   As you will see if you look at the member list we have members in all corners of the world, even in Milton Keynes!   As Christine said, it helps to know what part of the world you are in.

Your candlesticks are Bagley pattern No. 3103, launched 1939, subsequently named Duchess in their 1953 trade catalogue.   They were usually sold as part of the 7-piece 3103 trinket set (tray, 1 large & 2 small lidded powder bowls, ring stand, and 2 candlesticks).

Source:- Bowey, Parsons & Parsons, 2004.

Bernard C.  8)

Thank you so much for the quick replies and the ID.  I have been searching for a couple of weeks for an ID and was not successful. I found this website during my searching and this was my last effort before I tossed them.  I'm from the US. I'll see if I can figure out how edit it  so my location always shows up.  Thank you again.

Hi Sophie Click on the profile button at the very top of the page. You can then edit it. And I should I have known the answer, I've got the book!


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