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Archemede Seguso Murano Birds

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Need a little help identifying 2 glass birds.  The clear glass is a light grey with white inside and a very white beak. Larger on is 10 inches, smaller is 9.25 inches.

Mister Loco:
Just a shot in the dark but it might be by Archimede Seguso!  Lovely piece of glass.

I'm no fan of A.S's animalia but this one looks excellent. Not that I would buy one mind you but the fact that it seems to be more of a fictional bird (open to correction) I find more attractive.

Is that polveri in the bird or just a few pixels short of a shot?

I have a picture of this bird with a Seguso AV signature -- not mine, so I can't post. The signature on the one in my picture, though, doesn't look right. It looks like someone scratched it on with a diamond-point pen. The sculpture is unusual for Archimede Seguso, but who knows? ...  Personally I love Archimede Seguso's animals. I like your bird, too. It reminds me of something Livio Seguso would have done in the 1960-70s.

The more I look at your bird, the more like Livio Seguso it looks to me. Livio designed some for Seguso AV and other companies. I don't know if he ever did anything for Archimede. Your bird reminds me a lot of the toucan that he designed for Gralglas -- same lattimo (white glass), same eye, same base. Since it does look like Livio and it doesn't look like Archimede, I would check to see which it might be. I have become a big skeptic when it comes to labels and signatures. Either glass master is good, so no problem when it comes to the glass itself.


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