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Mercury glass ashtray,id if possible.

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Paul S.: have a point, I think.         Isn't there also supposed to be a plug where the mercury went in??

Sorry, do you mean The National Archives office...........can be difficult to navigate  -  I think Anne has cracked it though - but not sure you can yet work down to individual Rd. level on the screen???

Paul S.:
assume you've had a look at Hajdamach - 20th Century Glass  -  there's a page or two there that should help.      I'm certain Ivo is correct.

A registered design and a patent are not the same. One is a design; the other is a method of doing something or how something works in simplistic terms

Paul S.:
quite correct Christine  -  I wasn't reading the books properly..............Varnish and Thomson's patent for the double-walled silvered glass process was patented on 19th August 1849, so presumably nothing to do with July 1890.      However, still unsure about the apparent lack of a plug.

Thanks for all the input but after a busy week I'll read it all tomorrow when more awake and a little less tipsy ::) ;D ;D


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