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Victorian spill vase any ideas please

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i think this is victorian  mold blown green glass with applied decoration.
has anyone seen these before any info orcan send me down the right path would be great

Paul S.:
in my opinion Stew, this too tall and narrow in the body to be a spill about simply a stem vase of some sort, although you don't give dimensions, so difficult to assess properly.              Assume you are saying the body is decorated with machine threading??         Look carefully at the feet, do you see wear  -  and does it by any chance glow?            How is the top rim finished?

Hi Paul thanks for looking
it is 19cm high it does not glow there is some wear on the feet and a couple of fleabites
there are two marks like you would see in pressed glass down either side but then the ridged are like a screw thread as tho it was turned.
i suppose it could be pressed glass body with machine thread ridges with applied feet and decoration stem vase

It may be mould blown but it can't be pressed, as you couldn't get the plunger out. If the seam is not on top of the threading, then the threading was applied after

Paul S.:
I was just about to say mould blown - you should have either a snapped pontil scar, or a ground/polished depression, and both indicate that after blowing it was transferred to the pontil rod  -  at which point the threading would have been applied and the rim finished.         If the threading is very evenly spaced, then certainly after the invention of applying by machine (earlier methods apparently show irregularly spaced threading), and probably somewhere between 1880 and 1890, in my opinion.         The Victorians made flower vases in more shapes and designs than you can imagine.
Christine's comments become very apparent when you look at the bulbous part of the vase ;D
Anyway, a nice piece that's probably 130 years old.


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