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My bargains today, at least I hope they were?


Hi All,
This first one is one of my favourite colours in glass;

Click to enlarge.

My first piece of uranium glass. This glows like crazy under blacklight.

Click to enlarge.

I actually bought a pair of these. They are 11cm tall. I think they may be Dutch? (I only have 1 piece of Dutch glass, so I am not used to handling it :oops:  :oops: )

Well, I don't know. It could just be a storage jar, but I can't resist textured glass. :oops:

Any comments welcome......even Leni's jokes :wink:  :lol:

Number 1 is a top find. It is by WMF, designed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld, circa 1950s.

Number 2 is as you described, could be anything really.

Number 3 is either Oberglas Austria or Italian, 1980s and not rare at all.

Thank you Ivo. :lol:  :lol:

I am a very happy camper, especially after only spending E4,25 for eveything, including the Sklo Union vases in another post. :D  :D


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