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Per Lutken



I purchased this bowl in an auction in Vermont, USA and having owned it for 10 years not knowing what it father finally recognised the signature on the base as Per Lutken and saw it in the"Glass is Life" book, I think it is listed in the back too. It has the numbers ?8?2 underneath (the question marks symbolise a number I can't read). Any information about this piece is gratefully recieved..


Do you know what the year of the piece?

If you want to verify your find you camn look through Peter Harder's site:-   A great Holmegaard & Danish glass site.

If you are unable to find it simply send him a polite email and I have found him most helpful in the past.

You may not be able to get a precise year but peter's site usually has that info.

By the way a nice find I wish I had found it as I have c. 60 of his pieces in my collection.


Oops!   ;D   ;D

Welcome to the board Alex  :D  - I should have said that first.  Those photos are excellent by the way and I suspect that the bowl may be fairlkly uncommon.


Items signed with a 4-digit code are exhibition items, usually made in quite small numbers. This should be form 2832, exhibited in November 1975.


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