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Need ID Help for possible Skrdlovice? Piece

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Bought this because it was cheap ($8 ) and it has a similar shape to other skrdlovice vases I have seen. However, I am not familiar with this particular style of coloring. It stands about 10 inches tall, is twisted, and weighs about 4 lbs. Thnx for looking.

Looks familiar, the colours remind me of many of the pieces being produced by the Mstisov glassworks... sure someone will confirm for sure.  :)

Memory (i.e. fallible) tells me Chribska, and a later one at that. Mstisov would be too early for this piece, I think, unless it was made after Karlovarske Sklo absorbed Mstisov.  Good price! I can't find even cracked pieces at that price.


there is currently one almost identical on UK ebay that says Zemek 1960s, but these do not look like any of the rhapsody vases I have seen while searching for attribution......

Zemek died in 1960. He did work at Chribska for a while, but this vase, and the one on eBay, is later, and definitely not Zemek.  If not Chribska, then one of the companies either in or descended from the Borske SKlo group, of which Chribska was a part. Not too bad for eBay, btw, the vase you mentioned was the only glaringly obvious non Zemek piece listed.


PS Did a little looking, and, courtesy of Jindrich Parik's efforts, you can see the genesis of your vase here:


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