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Another (different) free book from Angela

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Angela B:
My St Patrick's Day gift to you all, with sincere thanks for your support in making London Lampworkers Number One in the Glass and Glassware category on

From about 9am on Sunday UK time (midnight Saturday night in US and about 8pm Sunday in NZ) my newly published 2nd edition of New Zealand Glass will be available for free here:

US: - wrong link see below
UK: - correct link for

The history chapter is (I think) a really interesting read (but then I could possibly be biased) and the rest of the book has sections of special interest to NZ glass collectors, dealers, bottle collectors, and contemporary glass fans.

Anyway, its free for two days (Sunday and Monday) so you can't go wrong really, can you? I do hope lots of people read it and most of all, that they enjoy it.

I included the wrong link for by mistake. This is the US link to the book which shows a price of about US$6 now but it will go "free" some time this evening and stay that way for a couple of days. Here is the correct link:

If you don't have a Kindle reader, the free download to read Kindle books is:
And the version of that is:

Have a happy St Patrick's Day
from Angela

Just got your ebook Angela and completed a quick scan read - will re read later.  What a great work I am in awe of the quality of the glass workers and of the authoress.  Well done.

I am in hopes of getting up an Australian Glass website  in 2014 as I have c. 200 artists represented in my own small collection and I know how hard it can be to identify the makers due to so little history being available.  I will model it along ther lines of the  site which you were involved in.


Angela B:
Hi Ross,
So pleased to hear from you. If you like the book I'd be very grateful if you would write a review on Amazon on the page for my book.
Good luck with your own website, I really look forward to seeing it. Cathy Bannister has a great website on Australian glass which you probably know about
Best regards

Actually I did not know of her site as that type of glass is not an area I have got into.  I have "invaded" her home in Canberra, though, and she has a lovely personal collection.  Ross

Thank you Angela,  just managed to get the Kindle upload before the deadline!!
I look forward to a good read after I have finished work this week.
I also look forward to meeting you when you come over to UK... I have a couple of pieces of glass you may like to see!!  This includes a few pieces of New Zealand glass... mostly Hokitika and Flame Daisy Studios....  I look forward to your comments on them.
Rosie' :)


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