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celtic vase - WEDGWOOD?

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Hello again.
I left this strange vase out of my last board entry, :roll:  I don't think it is of very great shakes but you never know. It has a sort of celtic cross pattern and ribbed edges, with a flat textured base and stands at 4.25" tall. A friend had an identical vase some weeks ago and asked me my advice on it. I checked on many glass related sites and also my own considerable library without success and then found this one today.
Any ideas please.
Bryn (not Brian)

"It's a minefield out there!" :mrgreen:

I am re-entering this post as I have seen this vase on Ebay this evening (just Listed) being discribes as being from Wedgwood and designed by Stennett-Willson, no less :!:
Here is the photo again as Tinypic has wiped the original:-

Can anyone confirm this, the seller is very adamant that it is and also offers guarantees that it is genuine. Personally I doubt it.
Can anyone confirm or deny please?

Bryn(not Brian)

"It's a minefield out there!" :mrgreen:  :wink:  :D

Bryn - have a look at my thread (link below) entitled - 'Definitely Wedgwood but is it a RSW?' - when I first saw your vase (before you mentioned Wedgwood and RSW) I thought there was a resemblance to my bowl in colour and design and, as you will see in Nigel Benson's reply to my post, he mentions a vase - it might be worth altering your message heading so that hopefully Nigel will see it and take a look.,7835.0.html

Thanks Pip,
Yes, there is a similarity although my vase has a more Rustic finish. I do hope Nigel takes a look and I would be delighted if it is Wedgwood.

Bryn (not Brian)

"It's a minefield out there!" :mrgreen:  :wink:  :D

nigel benson:
Hi Bryn,

Yes, the seller is quite correct. This is by Stennett-Willson, from the same textured range as in the other thread by Pip. It is from the textured range pattern number RSW 26 - Kings Lynn and Wedgwood.

You have to be a bit careful using the term Rustic with RS-W, since it applies to one of the ranges that he designed - but I fully understand your use to describe the vase :)

Hope that helps, Nigel


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