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Coquille Flygsfors Unsigned ?

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Hi, I picked this up this morning. It is 25cm in Height. It has everything about it that says Flygsfors by Paul Kedelv. I have read on here that all the pieces in this range are signed up until PK left. The Colours and shape are a match and the same piece is seen in a number of sites as a signed piece. The second link shows a 1959 piece marked without the signature. I read that he left in 1956 and the pieces he designed were without his signature but dated. Can you free up the confusion or did I not read far enough into it. I put much more faith on the members of this board than what I read online and wikipedia is a banned site in my home  ;D It is a nice piece of Art Glass. I like the separation of the colours in it, they are sharp and clean (if that makes sense.)

After further searches I have seen 'Coquille'  attributed to Paul Kedelv for Reijmyre that is unsigned. Could this be from there or just an unsigned Flygsfors ?

My take would be that this is an unsigned Flygsfors piece, unusual although that might be. I agree with you that everything about the piece says Flygsfors, except no marking on the base.

Some of the Reijmyre pieces Kedelv did were in the same spirit as Coquille, but still different. For example, this is is a piece from Reijmyre in 1958, part of the "Harlequin" line, I believe.


Thanks for your input. This is only the second piece I have handled so am still new to his work. The other piece was a shorter wider blue and white piece that was signed but had a fair sized chip out of the side. I have to admit I have looked through your pictures before and seen some nice Glass and been able to identify a few pieces from it.  :) Thanks again Langhaugh

Flygsfors would be my bet too.

This one was signed (not exact same design), click to the left for a few more shapes:



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