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Decanter blown green cased in clear + impressed patterned sides - ID = Aseda


Help please.  I'm at a loss of words to describe it in order to do a worthwhile web search.   I'd ultimately like to know what the stopper looked like (which is missing).

This piece is about 7" tall, 4-1/4" wide.   It looks like the green interior was blown then dipped (cased?) in clear and a pattern worked into the sides.  Pattern repeats 4 times.   Flat ground base. 

Has a bit of a mid century modern look about it if you ask me.  I believe it may be by the Aseda Company of Sweden based on a similar bottle.

EDIT, I've also seen a picture of a similar attributed to Johans Fors, but now I'm pretty sure it's Aseda possibly by designer Bo Borgstrom?

TIA, -Buck

Yes to Aseda and no to Borgstrom it turns out.

A few more examples and some information in this thread:,35816.0.html


Ahh, I see now.  Börne Augustsson then.  Thank John!


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