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Are they Davidsons Luna or Whitefriars ??????

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Hi Lustrousstone,
Thanks for your comment - I just wanted to get them together, because there are so many influences going on. I have one of the Royal Castle/Ravenshead (as vidfetch has confimed) ones (somewhere at the back of a cupboard LOL!) I think the Kumela comes out rather well  :lol: a very under-rated producer IMHO (more ice/rock-cliff than bark 8)  ). I just wish I had one of the purple ones as well!



There is a lot going on in this thread, Della posted some pictures (ref possible Ingridglas pieces) - and people were commenting so I threw in my two pennies :?

I can sort of see what people are asking, why is W/F so special, why are W/F bark vases so special?

Every single one is different – ‘The three part wooden pattern moulds lined with tree bark' (L Jackson pp89) were burned into by the glass and the bark lining mutated ready for the next vase.

That is what makes a bark vase - the use of bark/wood - this gives a very special, unique and natural feel to each piece.

The same can be said of the Finlandia vase by Timo Sarpaneva - The mould was scorched each time making a subtle difference to the next vase.

These vases using natural materials hold a special place in my heart compared to the mass produced copies which are all moulded the same.

I do like other textured vases, but technically speaking they are not bark.

Adam P

Hi Adam,

Not sure how, but I missed your reply.......sorry dear. :oops:

I have an Ingrid glass piece, it is heavy, thick and chunky (all sort of the same description I suppose :D ) My blue ones are actually quite delicate, but you still could be correct with you attribution.

I am not too worried about giving them a makers name, however, I still have NOT seen a photo of the base of a Whitefriars bark vase, maybe you can do the honours? :lol:

I know photos aren't always the answer, as there is more to it, but the more one is armed with information, the less mistakes will be made and fewer people will be misled.

No need to apologise Della, such a long thread with so many points of view.

I was kinda saying your blue vases (good photos) deserved an attribution - I have a had a closer look at pics in your files and you are right about the large green piece being Ingridglas, but you know that already - your blue vases do have a very thin rim and wall structure, never spotted that in the posted photos - I take back Ingridglas even though the slumped textural effect is similar.

I have W/F coffin vases but no actual straight sided bark vases till early next week.

eBay showing all aspects of a bark vase including base link


Can someone post a picture for this sweet lady - pewter or flint works best I feel, tangerine and ruby, etc. feed too much colour back.

I have tons of bark vase pictures, but none of the bases (yet I am sure I have taken some when the number sticker was still attached :? ) - mmmmm, I must store a few when I get some in.


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