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Are they Davidsons Luna or Whitefriars ??????

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David E:
If you mean Davidson's Luna pattern, then I think definitely not.

back to square one, then. :-)

Anne E.B.:
Ivo - I have a Luna pattern bowl.  The surface texture is different from yours and the glasss is considerably thinner too.  I like yours -  Swap? :lol:

Hi DELTAB, Thanks for your comments, The 2 bark vases on are definarley Whitefriars.... Very rare medium Sky Blue value circa 800.00 plus for the pair. I thaught you may be interested in the value incase you see any in this colour in you travels.. The smaller versions are worth evem more!   Regards Patrick.

Hi Patrick,
Thanks for the information.
I didn't doubt for one moment that they are Whitefriars. I was just trying to explain that, for a novice, identification is very difficult. I have not yet found a site where there is a clear photo of the base, a photo from above or a close up of the pattern  :? . I do understand the frustration of the experts when these similar vases are posted again and again, but I also empathise with the novices when they are fooled into believing that they are purchasing a genuine Whitefriars article. Catalogues are wonderful for reference purposes, but again they show no pictures of bases etc.
I know I scoured the catalogues before I posted my vases on the Is It section, but everything, as far as I could see :oops:  :oops:  was in keeping with the sizes, colour etc. Fortunately, I bought mine for a euro and they wern't sold to me as anything other than a vase and at the time Whitefriars wasn't a sought after item. I bought them becasue I liked them. I still don't know who made them :roll: , but I am not too worried about it. :)

You never know, one day I may find one of the Sky Blue ones :wink:  :lol:  even here in Holland.


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