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Signature confirmation on freeform bowl

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Paul S.:
I assumed Per Lutken, but looking in the books his initials seemed to be more combined, often together with another No.  - then I wondered about Vicke Lindstrand, but that's the wrong country - so I'm back with PL.
The piece seems to be o.k. in most respects  -  size is 17" x 14.5" (430 x 370mm) and looks the right colour.
So grateful if someone can just confirm this are definitely Lutken's initials please, and thanks for looking. :)

Looks fine to me Paul, the "Selandia" bowl is Lutken's design. :)

Paul S.:
many thanks for your reply Wayne - and smoke it is then.           It was the absence of a number in with his initials that gave just a hint of doubt  -  and I have to admit that Scandinavian has long since been outside my comfort zone.
I've seen quite a few of these free form pieces, and I know the W/Fs example is quite heavy, but this one is really quite a handful in size and weight.
Thanks also for the interesting link:)

You should realise the marking is Holmegaard to tell you the maker and then 19PL62 to tell you that it was made in 1962 and the PL combined is Per Lutken's cartouche but it wiould be signed by virtually anyone in the factory with a scriber.  They vary enormously.  It is a nice smoke coloured Selandia bowl.

takes you to my gallery on yobunny where you can see many PL cartouches and how varied they can be.


Paul S.:
thanks for the link Ross - some great pieces there, and as you say the appearance of his initials varies enormously  -  anyway I'll know for the future - will add both links to my favourites :)


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